Creating and Realizing Economic Value; The 5-Point Plan for Bursting Economic Pressures

Dennis Chapman Sr, President and Founder of The Chapman Group presents an innovative strategy to engage clients in the creation, documentation, and validation of economic value (Return on Investment, ROI). “Bursting Economic Pressures” focuses on how organizations can overcome challenging economic conditions and higher client expectations by integrating collaborative value-creation into the supplier/client relationship– and realize mutually-beneficial economic impact, by making validating financial impacts of value and innovation a part of the customer acquisition and experience management process.

Watch this video to learn Dennis Chapman’s 5 point plan that will put your organization on the right path to optimizing key, critical, and strategic accounts by leveraging a collaborative process to validate the value and economic impact of the business relationship.

Best Practices for Managing & Coaching a Value-based Selling Team

As a sales leader, you will only be successful managing and coaching the value selling sales team if you integrate the proper best practices and supporting tools available that enable a precise economic impact alignment to prospect / client expectations and needs. Practices and tools that maximize the presentation, documentation, and validation of economic value to your prospects.

This webinar, designed for Sales Management as well as Value Selling Sales Representatives will highlight the processes, metrics, and tools that enable a Sales Leader to effectively manage and coach their value selling team(s).

Dennis Chapman Sr., and Mike Genstil; CEOs of The Chapman Group and VisualizeROI respectively, will be facilitating the discussion on this topic and will be focusing their attention on sharing with you value selling best practices and technologies that have allowed their clients to realize:

  • Increased margins and reduced discounting
  • Reduced Sales Cycles
  • Larger “wallet share”
  • Longer customer life cycles

Key Learning Points of this session include:

  • Defining economic value and the sources of economic value for your prospect
  • How to collect, present, and validate economic  value
  • The metrics and data you need as a sales leader to coach your team

Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to optimize and maximize your value selling organization…it may just be the thing that pushes you over the tipping point in 2013.

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